How to Refinish Cabinettops – A Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing in Louisville is one of the fastest growing cabinet restarting services offered today. The demand for high-quality cabinet refinished is growing as cabinet dealers, cabinet makers, cabinet retailers, and cabinet accessories meet the increased needs of customers for high-quality and affordable cabinet solutions. Cabinet Refinishing in Louisville provides high-quality cabinet refinished products that are guaranteed to last. In addition to providing a wide range of cabinet refinished products, we provide a host of cabinet accessories such as: wood pulls & hardware, wood drawer slides, metal knobs, metal drawer pulls, hand-carved wooden drawer pulls, laminated pulls, brass hardware, polished pulls, and unfinished wood pulls. All of these products and more are available through cabinet refinishing company in Louisville.

Cabinet Refinishing in Louisville takes homeowners through a process of cabinet refinishing to achieve a new, high-quality finish. By using cabinet refinishing in Louisville, we do not replace your existing doors; we simply restore them to like-new beauty. Instead, we apply a high-quality coating to your cabinet surfaces followed by a clear lacquer to help maintain the luster and shine of the newly applied finish. This process is completed with the assistance of an expert team of cabinet refinishing experts and finishing technicians.

One of the many cabinet refinishing in Louisville techniques is called chance. What is nhance? “NHance” is an industrial-grade finish that can be applied over your cabinet surfaces using an ultraviolet curing process. This coating enhances the natural beauty of wood, metal, and glass. When applied over a wood surface, it produces a durable, high-quality finish that is also impervious to staining and damage from moisture, heat, and sunlight.

Many homeowners and DIY project managers find cabinet refinishing in Louisville to be an attractive way to restore older, tired looking cabinetry to new again. In this type of DIY project, you’ll likely need some specialty tools and equipment. Before you head out to buy any of the necessary supplies, you should find out whether your cabinet was refinished using the proper methods. cabinet refinishing in Louisville employs a painless technique that makes use of specially designed chemicals to coat your cabinet surfaces. If your cabinet was refinished using this method, you should note that although the cabinet surfaces look like they’re brand new, they could still have stains and damages within them. It’s best to avoid using the painless method if you’re unsure about the cabinet refinishing in Louisville methods employed.

There are several other cabinet refinishing in Louisville options besides paintless cabinet refacing. Some cabinet refacing projects involve completely replacing the cabinet surfaces. In addition to the benefits associated with these kinds of cabinet refinishing projects, there is also the added benefit of a brand new look to your kitchen. When you replace the cabinet surfaces, you will also get to enjoy the benefits of easier clean up since you won’t have to worry about removing stains or the buildup of grease and dirt that inevitably forms on cabinet surfaces over time. You may also find that your kitchen design will improve quite a bit with the replacement of cabinet surfaces rather than just the installation of new cabinet knobs and pulls.

Whether you choose to hire a professional to install the cabinet refinishing in Louisville process or decide to go with the do-it-yourself method, you should be aware that this project is likely to take longer than the installation of cabinet knobs and pulls, perhaps as much as four to six times as long. In addition, depending upon the type of cabinet surfaces you’ve replaced, you could have to put down a layer of cabinet polishing prior to putting the new coat on. However, with careful and patient installation, you can avoid the extra steps of cabinet refacing in Louisville.