The Laminated Flooring Trend

The laminated flooring trend is here! The new generation of flooring that combines wood and laminate is here, and it looks great. Laminated wood flooring was invented by J.C. Bradley in 1941 and has since become an industry leader. Laminated flooring is actually a multi-step process involving wood grain color and the lamination process. The first step is the selection of the wood species to be used (pecan, maple, birch, etc.), the second step is the application of stain or paint, and the third is the lamination of the boards.

The new laminates have superior insulating properties compared to ordinary wood floors. They are extremely durable and will outlast their owners’ lives, and they will often continue to look just as new for decades. Laminated flooring trend lines may vary, depending upon the manufacturer, but most laminates in today’s market have some sort of anti-static property, which is how they can support a home’s electric wiring, and many also have anti-microbial properties, which is helpful in preventing allergies. All laminated flooring company are constantly improving their products.

Many homeowners are switching from carpeting to laminated flooring because it is a far more aesthetically pleasing option. There are so many different styles, colors, and textures available that there will be something to suit just about any personality and decor. If you don’t like the idea of carpeting your whole house, laminated flooring is a great alternative because it is so versatile and easy to care for. You can have it clean every day or as needed, and it won’t grow mold or other allergens that carpet would naturally attract.

In today’s economy, it is important to conserve what is spent and explore all of your options before you make any major purchases. While this might seem to be a foregone conclusion, many people still are opting to purchase new floors, and instead of getting a new laminated flooring upgrade, they choose to remodel their entire house. With all the advancements in technology, the quality of laminated flooring has been getting better year after year, and it is now the best choice for those who want to create an ultra-modern feel to their home. Because it is so versatile, laminated flooring is able to fit in with many design schemes, and you can even get flooring that matches the style of your appliances.

Many people who live in older homes that are not properly insulated or have improperly installed insulation will reap the benefits of having a laminated flooring upgrade. Properly insulated homes can heat much more efficiently than homes without any upgrade at all, and laminated flooring can save you thousands of dollars each year on your heating bills. There are also a wide variety of finishes available in laminated flooring, so you will be able to find something that suits your home the best.

Although there are certainly advantages to installing this type of flooring, there are also some disadvantages. One of the biggest problems is that laminated flooring is not stain proof. It is possible that the type of flooring you have will show up scuffs and scratches after you install it, but most people can avoid this problem if they take care of their flooring properly. If you have children or pets, laminate flooring is not recommended because these two things can cause damage to the floor. This flooring is also not very sound proof, and certain sounds, such as those from heavy machinery, might be too loud for your home. For more info on laminated flooring visit